Google Chrome has covered the most Web Browser market in the Internet Industry, it is very essential that our blog or website should be well supported on it.

Recently, they have announced a new Feature called Lite Pages, a feature to save Internet data for the end user. This could be activated by switching on the Data Saver option on the Android Phones.

Chrome on Android’s Data Saver feature helps by automatically optimizing web pages to make them load faster. When users are facing network or data constraints, Data Saver may reduce data use by up to 90% and load pages two times faster, and by making pages load faster, a larger fraction of pages actually finish loading on slow networks. Now, we are securely extending performance improvements beyond HTTP pages to HTTPS pages and providing direct feedback to the developers who want it.

To show users when a page has been optimized, Chrome now shows in the URL bar that a Lite version of the page is being displayed.

This is another attempt by Google to make mobile internet faster than ever followed by an old experiment, known as Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs.

But, Lite Pages and AMP are different and Tim Kadlec cleared that in his note;

Lite pages are also in no way related to AMP. AMP is a framework you have to build your site in to reap any benefit from. Lite pages are optimizations and interventions that get applied to your current site. Google’s servers are still involved, by as a proxy service forwarding the initial request along. Your URL’s aren’t tampered with in any way

The major difference in Lite Pages and AMP is that in AMP the URL bar shows the URL owned by, however in Lite pages the URL shown in the URL bar is our own site.

But how exactly these optimizations takes place?

The optimizations only take effect when the loading experience for the end-user is bad. i.e. the user is on a 2G network or the web-page takes more than 5 seconds to reach first contentful paint.

What changes do I need to make on your website?

As a website or blog owner you do not need to do anything on your site except make sure that your website looks good even after disabling javascript on your website. All the optimisations takes place on Google Side and we don’t need to do anything for it.

Test your website on Lite Pages

To try out lite Pages on Chrome for android:

  1. Enable Data Saver from settings menu.
  2. Set #force-effective-connection-type to any 2G option in chrome://flags
  3. Enable #ignore-previews-blocklist

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